PHYLIB - The german assessment for Macrophytes an Phytobenthos

Title of project

The assessment system PHYLIB for Macrophytes and Phytobenthos in Running Waters and Lakes for the Implementation of the EC Water Framework Directive in Germany.

Brief description and aim

The Implementation of the EC Water Framework Directive ecological status will be assessed with four biological quality elements.

The German assessment system for the bentic flora - macrophytes & phytobenthos- in Running Waters and Lakes has been developed (1999 until 2003) by the Bavarian Environment Agency. The testing and adaptation of the system have been done in further project steps. Also the system is introduced into the European intercalibration process.

The running project phase contends:

  • the adaptation of the assessment system of lakes for artificial water bodies
  • the completion of the assessment tool for natural lakes
  • final adaptation of the Running Water assessment system
  • the creation of an identification key for benthic diatoms
  • futher steps of the EC-Intercalibration for running waters and lakes

Members of project

Bayerisches Landsamt für Umwelt (LfU), Referat Qualität der Seen;
Mr. Dr. Jochen Schaumburg, LfU
Mrs. Christine Schranz, LfU
Mrs. Dr. Doris Stelzer, Riemerling
Mrs. Dr. Gabriele Hofmann, Glashütten
Mrs. Dr. Antje Gutowski, Bremen
Mrs. Dr. Julia Foerster, Universität Bremen

Project management

Bavarian Enviroment Ageny
Mr. Dr. Jochen Schaumburg, Section Water Quality of Lakes


2005 - 2008.