IWRM-seminars - Seminars on Integrated Water Resources Management in Bavaria

By IWRM seminars, we try to provide insights into the working areas of the various actors of the water sector, to reduce mutual prejudices, to demonstrate the advantages of modern performance management and to promote the formation of interdisciplinary networks abroad.

These seminars usually consist of an introductory workshop in the target country, a 10-12 day stay in Bavaria and an evaluation after approx. 6 months in the target country. The seminar includes lectures on topics such as administrative organization, water law, municipal statutes, cost comparison accounting, project management and technical matters. In addition, visits to manufacturers of environmental technology, the inspection of water management plants and the exchange of experience with operator organizations and users belong to this seminar form.

The Summer Academy of the Bavarian Environmental Administration, which we offer once a year, is an extension of this program.

Normally, selection of participants takes place together with a partner organization. The aim here is to gain multipliers from the administration, universities, institutions, companies, etc. in order to represent a comparable network of water/environmental management as in Western Europe. Furthermore, attention is paid to a balanced ratio of women and men and a mixed age structure.

The lecture events often take place compactly in Hof with the support of the University of Applied Sciences for Public Administration and Administration of Justice located here.